Single-use cutlery
that looks after the planet


A simple gesture with a big impact

The Wood Way is an attitude, a way of living. It’s all about having a positive impact, effortlessly. It means demanding sustainable raw materials and sustainable consumption in a way that makes it easy for us.

With a small action like using these utensils made with sustainable wood from replanted forests, we can make a huge difference.

Making such a visible gesture lets us create a positive image around sustainability, set a trend, and feed our collective conscience.


So now you know you can reduce harmful waste in a simple way. Wood is our ally, and the effect we can have is global.

What we do

We manufacture disposable products with quality wood from sustainably planted forests, reducing the use of materials which are harmful to the planet such as plastics or non-sustainably sourced wood.

At ekhō we know that small actions, such as using sustainable wood products, generate big changes. That’s why we’re here, to recommend a simple action.

A simple change.

Our Products

Stronger than plastic, kind to our planet.



Capable of cutting
through meat and other
foods with ease.



Able to lift the weight
of a whole chicken
without breaking.



Can scoop ice cream
with no splintering.

100% sustainably sourced wooden cutlery


Durable, soft and sustainable. No additives. 100% sustainable wood.

This year, 40 billion plastic utensils will be produced worldwide. Mountains of plastic waste. That is why ekhō exists.

FSC certification C001561

About us

We are people committed to the environment who look beyond the damage that the use of plastics causes to our planet.

We are aware of the danger posed by products made from wood from deforestation and that is why we work exclusively with high quality wood obtained responsibly.

We believe in the possibilities that the forest offers us, treated with love and respect, to help us live in a kinder way with what surrounds us.

Inspired by the forest

A walk through the forest awakened in us the need to connect with nature,
with the most primitive, with our origins.

The forests where the trees grow that provide us with the wood for our sustainable utensils have the power to inspire an entire generation to live differently.

That is why they are the starting point of our history. Because they are reforested forests, which respect the nature that gives us so much.

The eternal wood, which makes us feel at home, is the protagonist of a simple gesture but with great impact on our environment.

You already know us, although you may not know it. We would bet that you have eaten ice cream with our wooden sticks, or stirred your coffee with one of our sticks, because the group we are part of has been manufacturing them for more than 100 years for large companies in the food sector around the world, providing them with High-quality wood products from forests managed responsibly and sustainably, in accordance with the most demanding environmental and quality certifications.

Why ekhō?


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